Next up in our speaker interview series, we caught up with Brenda Clark, Engineering Manager, at HASCO America and HASCO Canada.

HASCO is the leading manufacturer of modular high-quality standard mold units and individually designed hot runner systems, HASCO offers innovative and economical solutions for designers, moldmakers and injection molders from a single source.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors? 

HASCO is a worldwide provider of high-quality DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified products with 35 locations in the world and over 700 employees worldwide. HASCO collaborates with all customers to get the best possible quality and pricing for their mold build products.


Are there any new technology developments that your company is working on at the moment? 

HASCO digital is always progressing to help mold designers and mold builders to get the 3D data and component information quickly. The newest technology is in development to track and help you maintain where your mold/tooling is in the world. Quality USA style cooling couplings and stainless-steel cooling fittings are being expanded in availability.


What are the biggest challenges facing the injection molding industry today, and how can this be overcome? 

People who know mold design and mold building are becoming scarce. Internships and working side by side with customers will help to educate the next generations. These investments in time and energy will help in supplying quality employees for the future. HASCO fully supports our customers and their employees with added training and information.


How do you see the sector developing in the next five to ten years? 

In 5–10 years, the majority will need newer cars, which are affordable and consider all aspects of available fuel to the public. In 5–10 years, we will have an increasingly aged populus needing better healthcare supplies. From consumer to business growth will need to increase within the USA to make this happen. This will open more directions for growth in the plastics industry. From lightweighting components to smarter designed plastic articles, these can help to achieve new products.


You are speaking at the Injection Molding and Design Expo, what are you most looking forward to? 

HASCO looks forward to seeing our customers and hearing what they are seeing realized about this early start to the next years in our industry. We look forward to working with mold designers and mold builders to help them with their projects.


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