Optimize your factory with Intouch Monitoring technology

Injection molders worldwide are using Intouch production monitoring, scheduling and OEE reporting system to significantly improve their manufacturing efficiency. 

If you would like to see dramatic improvements without replacing your machines or increasing your headcount, come and see us at the Injection Molding & Design Expo at booth 201.

We would love to talk about your operation and how you could optimize your factory and gain invaluable real-time visibility of your production line.

In a few weeks, you could be seeing over 6% improvement in machine utilization, as well as many other benefits:

  • identify your OEE losses in real time 
  • reduced downtime
  • improved cycle time
  • working at capacity with improved scheduling and able to accommodate last minute orders


With the free 60 day trial, the system saves you money before your free trial ends!

It is quick and easy to install as well as easy to learn and use. It is a scalable SaaS system with a low monthly subscription cost (after your free trial) with no upfront costs. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly into any ERP system allowing for the most effective combination for your operation.


This is what a few of our recent customers have to say:

Cumberland Plastics, Alabama, a quality driven injection molder with 33 IMM installed Intouch in early 2022. 

They had 2 main concerns:

  1. Working at near capacity, every loss had a detrimental production knock on effect. Intouch now alerts them as soon as problems happen. That, coupled with accurate reports, allow them to pinpoint and fix losses.
  2. Wasting labour - they are now able to save many precious man-hours as they no longer need to write down data and manually comb through it.

They found the system 'very straightforward' and 'it's also cloud based, so we don't need a server set up internally and all the additional hardware expense to get the system up and running'

'The live machine status in conjunction with the shift profile means we can go back and actually see what the alarms were, the downtime issue and the reasons. Intouch does it all for you, and the data lets us see where we need to focus our attention'

Our new data acquisition hardware has made the installation process even easier and within 2 weeks from first contacting Intouch, they were up and running with the Cumberland Plastics operators fully familiarized with how to use the system.

Talisman Plastics, Wales, used Intouch to switch to a 24/7 operation to meet increased demand for medical equipment due to Covid-19.

They were able to leave the factory completely unmanned during weekends as 'We can also remotely monitor the machines, and email alerts lets us know when machines have been stopped longer than 30 minutes'

They experienced impressive efficiencies, 'it has helped us increase the efficiency of our machines producing NHS equipment from 75% to 95%'.

Come and visit us at booth 201 and find out how having the right information at the right time, can be the difference between making a profit or making a loss.