Guidewheel to showcase new product at Injection Molding and Design Expo

At the Injection Molding and Design Expo, Guidewheel will be introducing a software solution to digitize the collection of data in factory operations, called a FactoryOps platform. This is the era of AI and the “industrial internet” – complex systems that can help huge factories run at peak efficiency. But that’s for the elite one percent of manufacturers. What about the rest?

Guidewheel is on a mission to empower all the world’s factories to reach sustainable peak performance. Their plug-and-play FactoryOps platform makes the power of the cloud accessible to any factory, inspired by the simple, universal truth that every machine on the factory floor has a power cord. Guidewheel clips onto any machine to turn its real-time “heartbeat” into a connected, actively learning system that empowers teams to reduce lost production time, increase throughput, and perform better and better over time. The more teams use Guidewheel, the bigger the impact—for their business and for the planet.

Low-lift, high-return

Guidewheel’s FactoryOps platform works across any machine by pulling live data from equipment and operators and transforming it into a decision-making engine. Guidewheel helps reduce downtime, increase throughput, and unlock unrealized revenue opportunities. On average, Guidewheel users have increased productivity and output by 20%, and the investment pays for itself over time with customers achieving up to 40:1 ROI.  

Benefits realized right away 

To help manufacturers achieve operational excellence, Guidewheel empowers them with the following:

  • Automation of data collection from machinery and their components 
  • Sophisticated analytics and machine learning that translates current data into accurate and actionable insights
  • Complete visibility across all machines and all factories
  • Fast and simple installation - to start gaining insights within days
  • Accelerated impact over time - the more you use it, the more it learns trends about your operations
  • Team benefits - providing motivation, flexibility, and insights for knowledge-sharing

Paul Kayser, CEO of Pretium Packaging, states: “Guidewheel has been the missing link for us here to really get at lost production hours. We’ve made it a cornerstone of our operating philosophy.” 

Find out more by visiting the Guidewheel booth: 113 during the show.