Product spotlight: SoftGate® Velocity VG pin control technology by INCOE

Many years ago, INCOE recognized the challenges of direct valve gating a part while over-molding film or fabric; in mold decorating (IMD). The “blast” of the plastic in the gate area can often damage the film or wrinkle the fabric.

Realizing that challenge, INCOE introduced their SoftGate® Velocity VG pin control technology to the market that allowed these applications to be direct gated. SoftGate® allowed the melt to stream over the decorative film without damaging it.

The impact caused by melt flowing abruptly into the cavity after the valve gate nozzle has been opened conventionally can be seen in the image detail: After SoftGate® was switched off, the decorative film broke in the gate area.  

Today, this tried and proven Valve Gating technology may be just the solution that you need. There are additional application and processing benefits of this technology.


INCOE will be exhibiting at Injection Molding and Design Expo 2022.