New quick new wizard for Wittmann Battenfeld R9 robots provides enhanced functionality

Wittmann Battenfeld has introduced its newest robot programming tool, the R9 Quick New Wizard.  R9 Quick New is designed to provide molders with an easier and more detailed tool for programming the functionality of their Wittmann R9 robots.

Customer research and feedback led to the improvements that are being introduced in the R9 QuickNew Wizard, resulting in a more flexible and functional program. 

The Quick New Wizard is a guided programming tool consisting of two components:

 The first component is a questionnaire where the user selects the processes required to successfully remove any combination of parts /runners from the injection molding machine (IMM) and place them in the appropriate location and mechanism (conveyor, tote, drawer, grinder) downstream from the IMM.

The second component is a ‘Quick Editor’. Based on the selections from the questionnaire, a series of parameters are generated for fast and simple editing of all positions, timers and speeds needed to complete the process resulting in an efficient structured text program, reference program and EOAT Change program.

The answers provided by the user automatically create a text program that is used to program the R9 robot.  Wittmann Battenfeld has added many new functions and features to create programs that create easy programming and allow operators to complete and teach the robot program in a minimal amount of time.  

While the R9 Quick New Wizard questionnaire has expanded the number of options, it reduces the work required to edit the text program to add functionality. The R9 Quick New features descriptive animations to make the process easier for the user, and allows a completed text program to be generated without the need of programming in text.

To allow easy programming based on the skill and experience level of the operator, customers will receive the R9 robot with 4 predefined password protected users:

  • Admin User has total access to the control including creating additional users
  • Basic User will have access to a Quick New program generator with a streamlined guided interview to create simple pick and place structured programs
  • Advanced User will have access to a Quick New program generator with an expanded guided interview to allow for additional functionality in creating a structured program
  • Complex User will have access to the complete guided interview process and all the options a more complex work cell may require


The Admin User will also have the ability to customize the guided interview even further to meet the specific requirements of the user to produce structured programs that exactly match the needs of the production work cell. For example, if a work cell only utilizes runnerless molds then the questionnaire can remove the steps pertaining to runner removal; or if a work cell never requires a degating process, these options can be removed and the questionnaire is reduced even further.

The Enhanced R9 Quick New Program Generator

The R9 Quick New Wizard programming tool allows for the entire configured axis, vacuums, grippers and outputs of the robot to be utilized in the program generator. The expanded features of the questionnaire now include:

  • Part handling with vacuum, gripper or both
  • Runner handling with vacuum, gripper or both
  • Selectable part and runner monitoring
  • Selectable activation of runner handling before or after ejection
  • Selectable runner release location
  • Selectable placing methods of standard placing with up to 16 drop locations or Bulk filling of multiple containers.
  • Selectable palletizing at each location 
  • Reject Sequence is selectable for placing at separate location or to a reversible conveyor
  • QC Part Drop selectable based on Auto-switch, part count or both
  • Selectable mold entry utilizing patented time saving Smart Removal or a traditional take out method waiting for completion of mold open
  • Safe Wait selection if needed to wait outside of mold area due to mold obstructions
  • Selectable Core Sequence
  • Selectable use of Soft Push function to remove longer parts
  • EOAT Expansion selection with monitoring
  • EOAT Compliance Cylinder selection with monitoring
  • Mold exit options selectable independent of mold entry type to allow for patented Smart -Removal or traditional including a safe wait location option to allow robot to exit mold area prior to mold closing.
  • Selectable degating option to choose which axis moves into the nipper first



 Wittmann Battenfeld will be exhibiting at the Injection Molding and Design Expo 2022.