Globeius to display parts handling and recycling solutions at Injection Molding and Design Expo

Globeius Inc. will display its latest parts handling and plastics recycling solutions at the Injection Molding & Design Expo, being held May 25-26 in Detroit.  Globeius is exhibiting at Booth #415.“We wanted to take this opportunity to show our combined parts handling and grinding products to this audience,” said Graeme Sands, General Manager of Globeius, Inc.  “Molders are looking for ways to incorporate regrind materials into their operations more than ever.  Our products allow closed-loop solutions that allow them to sort, grind and reuse their plastics scrap.”

Globeius will be showing its Crizaf Model S4600 Roller Separator at the show, alongside its Moditec Model G3 grinder.  The Crizaf parts separator provides a versatile way to easily separate runners, parts and sprues.  The Moditec G3 is a slow speed granulator that can grind all types of plastics, including engineering grades like Glass-filled Nylon, ABS, PC, PBT and more.  Unlike typical grinders, the Moditec machines provide a virgin-like quality regrind with no dust or fines.  Additionally, they can word beside the press with an extremely quiet and clean operation.

Another key service that Globeius provides is free testing of customers parts and materials.  “We offer all customers free testing of their parts,” said Sands.  “We will run tests on our machinery to prove the equipment works for their specific application.  We will send a video of the results and will also send back the high quality regrind produced for their review.” 

Globeius will be exhibiting at the Injection Molding and Design Expo 2022.