New MiVue software from ACS Group provides smart connectivity for manufacturing plants

ACS Group has launched its new MiVue™ industrial IoT service.  MiVue is a data collection and analysis system designed to start manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey.

In development for the past two years, MiVue is designed to help customers predict and prevent problems before they occur.  “Ultimately, MiVue will help plastics processors increase their uptime, reduce costs, and improve aftermarket support.” said Michael Gersmeyer, Senior Product Manager-Controls & Industry 4.0 for ACS Group. 

Gersmeyer says that the MiVue team used their intimate industry knowledge of customer’s pain points to help develop the new MiVue solution. “Customer input was critical,” he said.  “We developed the initial product and continue to add functionality as we learn more from our key customers.” 

With MiVue, customers can start their IoT journey by connecting just one asset, such as a blender. Customers can then easily expand by simply connecting more equipment to the MiVue platform as future needs arise.


How It Works

MiVue collects data from a number of different assets by connecting to their controllers.  A router housed in a rugged enclosure sends information through a robust cellular technology signal to the cloud, where it is stored and accessed.  To view, analyze and make sense of the asset data, an intuitive and colorful user interface can be accessed remotely nearly anywhere in the world, on any device, with an internet connection.  MiVue will even send e-mail and text alerts to a user’s phone or any web-enabled device. 

“Manufacturers need a solution that is easy to deploy. That’s why we developed MiVue to work with a cellular signal. While the technology is similar to a cell phone, we ensure robust connectivity with a powerful and reliable antenna.” said Gersmeyer. “Cellular is one of the key differentiators compared to other systems that use Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks. Cellular is easy in comparison because the installer doesn’t have to assign IP addresses for assets, configure firewalls, or setup VPNs in the factory. Once MiVue is plugged-in and turned-on, it starts communicating. This speeds time to value.”


MiVue connectivity is available in three ways:

New Equipment: Currently MiVue works with auxiliary equipment from AEC, Cumberland, and Sterling, but eventually, it will work with all industry products.  Ongoing product development will enable MiVue to work with injection molding machines, extruders and other machinery.

Retrofit existing equipment:  A connection kit is available that comes complete with everything needed to connect to existing equipment and begin gathering data.

Custom Integration Projects: For manufacturers that want to optimize their factory with Industry 4.0 technology, MiVue can offer custom-built integrations.

“MiVue provides the best solution for our customers because it is able to integrate with myriad brands and numerous types of equipment,” said Gersmeyer.  “We’ve engineered it to be easy to use, and we can provide the insight and support to help customers work and succeed with the new MiVue platform.”

ACS Group will be exhibiting at the Injection Molding and Design Expo 2022.