Exhibitor interview: iMFLUX

Christina_Winegarden_headshotNext up in our exhibitor interview series, we took the time to catch up with Toi Clarke Jones, VP Sales & Business Development at iMFLUX.

iMFLUX are innovators transforming the future of plastic injection molding. iMFLUX is the only company that integrates game-changing processing software and machine learning with a mold building and innovation center.

Their revolutionary low-constant-pressure injection molding platform works on virtually any machine, material, and mold. With iMFLUX, customer sites run more reliably with fewer operator adjustments. Customers will produce higher quality parts, reduce costs, and lower capital, all while advancing sustainability efforts.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

Our competition is the “status quo” of conventional molding. In a conventional process, every variable such as injection velocity, hold pressure, and transfer position can directly cause variation in your part.  Each of these must be exact in relationship to the others to make a quality part, and if something changes like viscosity, a defect can (will) occur.

With iMFLUX, our algorithms enable autonomous molding features and focus on 3 primary variables that are independent of each other: melt pressure, step time, and end of fill response.  With our unique approach to establish a robust process window, each variable can change within that process window independently and maintain final part quality. 


Are there any new technology developments that your company is working on at the moment?

We like to say we are on the journey to autonomous molding.  We want our customers to utilize more of their molding talent for higher value activities, and let iMFLUX drive the OEE benefits they require.  Our system closes the loop between the material and mold, enabling machine learning and reducing the need for operator interventions. iMFLUX instantaneously measures, calculates, and makes data-based adjustments for changes in the mold, material, machine, or environment. Like adaptive driving features, iMFLUX’s processing platform automatically recognizes changing conditions and adapts in real-time for uninterrupted molding.


What are the biggest challenges facing the injection molding industry today and how can this be overcome?

Sustainability is top of mind for everyone in the plastics industry. iMFLUX makes it possible for manufacturers to make high value plastic products with three distinct sustainability advantages:  First, you can immediately run more sustainable materials, including 100% PCR and bio-derived materials. Second, you can produce with much lower energy, wear, and waste. And third, you can make lighter parts using less plastic.


How do you see the sector developing in the next five to ten years?

iMFLUX is among those technologies leading the way to autonomous molding, and to a more circular plastics economy.  Both of these opportunities will be key over the next decade.  We will continue to innovate in order to achieve a completely autonomous filling process.  As more recycled material is demanded, iMFLUX can be that key enabler to easily process these highly variable materials and we will collectively achieve a more circular economy.


You are exhibiting at the Injection Molding and Design Expo, what are you most looking forward to? 

We are really excited to be back in person, and the opportunity to connect with people in person so that we can have richer conversations about their challenges. iMFLUX is something you need to “see” to understand.  Talking to people and showing them what we can do to improve their operations is what we are most looking forward to.


iMFLUX will be exhibiting at the Injection Molding and Design Expo 2022.