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Vive, LLC provides professional marketing services for manufacturing companies and service providers in the plastics and metals industry. 

We take a strategic approach to learning your company’s purpose for being in business — your WHY. Using our own registered Zweck Analysis®, Vive tailors a unique marketing strategy specific to your company and its growth goals. Our personal attention to each client quickly results in a fruitful relationship as Vive becomes more than a marketing firm, but an extension of your team. 

With a concrete understanding of what makes your brand unique, Vive skillfully delivers compelling internal and external communication through: 

- Advertising (print & digital) 
- Company messaging
- Content marketing 
- Internal marketing 
- Logo creation or enhancement 
- Pay-per-click advertising (Google | Bing)
- Press releases 
-       Programmatic Advertising 
- Rebranding
- Recruitment marketing 
- Sales collateral 
- Search engine optimization (SEO) <on-page, local, etc.>
- Social media graphics and content creation. Calendar and post schedule. 
- Trade show planning and design <pre, during, post-show strategy>
- Videography and photography 
- Website development or management

Vive has established a reputation of being the premier marketing partner for manufacturers. With 75+ years of combined marketing for manufacturing experience, Vive has the team to break through barriers with keen industry knowledge and naturally exchange common vernacular amongst peers.
Is it time to effectively communicate your company’s differentiators? Visit to learn more about our process and expertise in marketing for manufacturers.