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Training for Your Entire Workforce
Maintain your competitive edge with Routsis RightStart™ - Our Rightstart™ program is guaranteed to improve the knowledge base and skill set of your entire workforce and will ultimately result in producing better plastic parts and increased profits. After we setup your company’s dedicated training portal, we’ll actually visit your plant to create a custom training plan specifically designed for each job position at your workplace. Based on your facilities, we will create job-specific tasks to develop and reinforce proper day-to-day work habits.
Professional Certification Portals - A Professional Certification Portal from Routsis Training delivers essential eLearning to your entire workforce with excellent benchmarking to verify their knowledge and skills. These portals are available for Scientific Molding, Mold & Part Design, Single Screw Extrusion, Twin Screw Extrusion, & Extrusion Blow Molding.

Knowledge & Skills Development in 6 Languages - Each "Skills Portal" comes pre-configured with 6 Scientific Molding 101 courses, 13 Intermediate SkillSet™ Labs, and 13 Advanced SkillSet™ Labs. Each online course and all related hands-on training materials are available in English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, and Bahasa Malaysia.

SmartTech™ On-Site Scientific Molding Training - Our SmartTech™ program is the most effective hands-on training available. While our SmartTech™ training is typically geared toward Scientific Injection Molding, we also offer custom hands-on training for part design, blow molding, and other aspects related to plastics processing. Please contact us if your organization is interested in custom training sessions or workshops.

Scientific Molding Pocket Guide - Routsis Training hands out free copies of this guide at tradeshows and conferences. Additionally, you may purchase boxes of this beautifully-printed and sturdily-bound “Pocket Guide” to distribute to your employees or customers. The Scientific Molding Pocket Guides are available in boxes of 8 or 50 for purchase on our eLearning Store.

Content Licensing Available - Our licensing options provide top-tier companies with incredible flexibility on your existing Learning Management System (LMS)

Certification for Plastics Professionals - Most people in our industry understand that proper training is critical. But how do we verify that a particular employee has the requisite knowledge and skills to successfully perform their job? The answer is Professional Certification from Routsis Training.

Online Plastics Training Packages - exclusive online training packages deliver the best training available to you or your employees with significant savings.
Train Anytime, Anywhere in the World – All of Routsis Training’s online plastics training courses are fully cross-platform compatible: Train on any modern computer, tablet, or handheld device with your high-speed internet connection - you can even use our app to optimize the experience when using handheld devices and tablets.
Please feel free to call or email us at any time for an online demo or to discuss knowledge & skills development for your employees.